The environment is of incalculable value to all of us. Here at Merenta, we are well aware of this, which explains why we do everything in our power to respect the habitat we live in. For this reason, our manufacturing processes and technological research have always gone hand in hand with a environmental policy that conditions our whole way of thinking, working and be-having towards the world around us.

Merenta has created the ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT DECLARATION (EPD), which has been certified by an independent body. The EPD is a sort of identity card for products, which describes their impact on the environment, from the extraction of the raw materials through to sale and on through their entire life cycle until disposal.


Every project comes from an inspiration, from research and from the experimentation of new techniques and materials of ceramic tradition. Ancient art, the archetype of beauty that continues to renew itself giving aesthetic pleasure together with the high functionality and modernity of ceramics, the material which most excellently matches contemporary flavour and spirit, to the most evolved - and therefore most original-trends.

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